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How do I change my license to a different domain?

Nicole Lee -

Maybe it's time to move your site to a new domain as you've completed all your testing in your development environment. 

Follow these simple steps to transfer your license key to a new domain.

As noted in 3. (Toggle Activation ) will also reset your licence key.

This will disconnect the licence key from any domain.


1, Go to your My Account and login.

2, Go to 'My Licences'.

3, Select the licence key and deactivate it (Toggle Activation).

4, Now you should see your licence key has been ( reset) deactivated.

5, Activate the licence key on the new URL/Domain via your Wordpress admin.

Please see our FAQ for more information on how to activate your licence. 


This will also apply if you change the website url:

From to

From to

From http://112.22.34/test/ to





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