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UPS Account Information and Negotiated Rates

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To receive negotiated rates you will need to enable your UPS account to except negotiated rates.

Information from UPS found here

You must add and authenticate your account using Account Summary to view Negotiated Rates in UPS Internet Shipping, Time and Cost Calculator on, and the UPS Developer Kit - Shipping and Rating APIs. 

To add and authenticate an account: 

  1. Login to using your My UPS ID and password.
  2. Select the My UPS tab at the top of the page.
  3. Select Account Summary from the navigation menu or the tab rollover.
  4. From there select Add an Existing UPS Account.
  5. Follow the steps to authenticate the account. To authenticate your account you will need the following information from your most recent UPS invoice: invoice date, amount due, invoice number, and control number.

Published rates are provided by default; account-specific negotiated rates can be enabled by Account Invoice Authentication in the Account Summary or Account Maintenance pages at under myUPS tab. 

Step 1: Register with My UPS

If already registered, skip to Step 2. 

Step 2: Login
Enter username. Click Next. You will then be prompted to enter password. You must be logged in to download document files. 

Step 3: Select an API
Under Developers APIs, you will find the requirements for each of the APIs you require and can access downloadable files as well as availability for specific countries. You may also consult Section 3 of this User Guide. 

Request an access key

Once you have reviewed the Software Developer Kit, you should request access to the UPS test environment. You will be asked to:
1. Provide account information
2. Authenticate account information

3. Upon authentication, you will receive confirmation that your request has been received 

Request an access key

Submit account information. 

Request an access key

1, Provide account authentication

2, Once authentication is completed, you will be brought back to the

Request Access Key page

3, Click on the Request Access Key button at the bottom

(Please note: Account Invoice Authentication (AIA) is required for you to see your negotiated rates via the Shipping and Rating APIs. Ensure you have a copy of your most recent invoice (within last 45 days) to AIA authenticate at myUPS at 

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