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The purchase email information

Nicole Lee -

The purchase email is the email used to purchase our product.

The purchase email is very important and allows you to manage your product.

We recommend that if you wish to manage your product, you purchase the product and not your Web Developer / Web Designer.

The purchase EMAIL address verify’s and is used to manage the following:

  • All Support tickets will need to be submitted using the purchase email.
  • Allows us to Support our products.
  • Is attached to the licence key, and allows the product to be upgraded.
  • Allows the owner to change the licence key to a different website URL if needed.
  • Allows owner to manage the Extension Works account.
  • Receive Licence Key Upgrade email notifications.

We can cc Web Developers / Web Designers emails into open Support tickets, the Support ticket will need to be opened using the purchase email.


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